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Hey guys. Sorry I havent been on in a bit. I have a ton of excuses

Originally Posted by dogonmut View Post
Just a heads up. I know you guys play in this area so double check that any area out East is still open. There is a ZERO tolerance policy being enforced.

Specifically the "cove areas" around Saguaro Lake are off limits as of today, the 17th.

Tonto closures --->

It sucks but 1 fire there and we'll never be able to wheel there again in our lifetime.
Originally Posted by dogonmut View Post
Here's a link to a map with the current closures.

Thanks for the heads up. I will have to make some calls tomorrow and confirm exactly where and if they are still closed (which I would imagine they are).

Originally Posted by 1clean5.8 View Post
So Shane how long are you guys going to be up at Butcher? I have to work that day but plan to leave around 1 or 2 (since I am getting layed off anyway) I may be able to get up there by 3.
IF we go, we will be heading to the lake early and probly leave around 4ish.

Originally Posted by azrebel View Post
The BBQ on the 25th affected by the Tonto closures?
If the area is closed, its off. I will look into it tomorrow and update with what I find out. I have a gas grill I will be using, so there wont be any open fires, but if they have it totally closed, that wont matter.

Originally Posted by 777Bigmac777 View Post
Hey Shane I'm not going to be able to make it out there, sorry about the last minute notice but I have to redo all the boards on the trailer for the boat before I can make it out anywhere, since I was going to boat most of the time
No prob. Maybe next time...

So, if its on, it sounds like its:

AZ Rebel

Anyone I am missing??

My other car has doors.
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