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Thanks everybody Ive owned a few different trucks over the years, but this one has grown to be my favorite, I definitely want it to last for a long time yet. Sure is hard work keeping it (somewhat) clean though!

Originally Posted by Red91XLT View Post
Always good to see them in good hands. It'd take way too much cash to take mine off my hands, It's in it for the long haul too.
I agree. Much like the bronco, I don't think I could ever sell it.

Originally Posted by GetBent4x4 View Post
pretty cool not digging the rust hiders though.
I call em mud & snow catchers. No rust underneath them (yet) PA is pretty strict about fender flares, I know lots of people whove been pulled over & fined for not having them.

Originally Posted by Smok3y View Post
Great combo. I ended up with a bronco for hauling and using the pickup for offroad use. Wish I had it your way instead.

Also, rep do you have a SM page? There are quite a few pics of your bronco that I have used before (and now lost) to demonstrate different things to people who were currently building a trail rig and I'm not sure if all of them are in the sig links on the "forensick" page. If possible could you post it up or pm me?
I do but don't update it much. Got pics of both my trucks, as well as my dad's '66 Buick
Everything is on forensick, altho I may have slacked off and forgot to add some links to the index pages. Next rainy day ill have to go thru it and make sure theyre updated.

Originally Posted by norfolkff05 View Post
clean truck! just wondering....are you running the stock d50ttb or did you sas it? it almost looks like a solid axle under there, but it's hard to see. i hated the d50 in my 89 f250, it rode like crap!
Originally Posted by Hopper View Post
The old body style rigs are the best

I've always liked your rigs Rept, great stuff.

I've always wondered though, beyond the D60, what all mods have you made to the F250? How many miles are on it?

Just breaking in at 153k miles

Yes, D60. Had a 6" Skyjacker lift, I ditched the front leafs for stock F350 leafs & a 3.5" Sky shackle reversal, rides mucho nicer now. They are about whooped though, which is fortunate that this Friday my new s/r kit arrives, which ill be using to put Superduty leafs under the front Edit: Installed (here).
Still got the Skyjacker leafs out back, altho theyre getting old now, def sagged a bit, but I really like the stance- low, and tail-high.

As for other mods, it has a tymar intake, banks d.p. & exhaust ($$$ I know) & a full set of Autometer gauges. I made a cross-over pipe for the heads for the high-pressure oil system, helps clean up the idle a bit. Switched to the 97 PCM which has way better glow-plug logic (necessity, my pcm died). Also got some performance parts from Swamps Diesel Performance, namely their Baby Swamps injectors, their tuned up IDM and a 6-pos chip, which starts at stock and goes to holy crap Needless to say I violently exploded the E4OD last year towing (destroyed everything except the reverse planetary), so now ive got a fully upgraded one with SS planetaries, billet converter, the whole nine yards. I also have a water-meth injection kit sitting in the garage, which will be going in within the next month once I figure out where to put the tank & pump

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