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Originally Posted by buffaloroams View Post
...front steering like a forklift...
Almost every forklift I've seen is rear-steer ; Broncos have front steering.
Originally Posted by buffaloroams View Post
...equal or better departure angle over the stock bumper.
Departure only applies to the REAR bumper , and even if the bumper & shackles didn't, I'm pretty sure that receiver has reduced the approach angle from where it would be on a stock front bumper.

I've been backing trailers since before I was street-legal, so I've never considered a front receiver necessary. But on my new bumper, I have 2, just because they'll make everything else easier: recovery points, front hitch (just in case), snow plow (again: IF), tow bar, or almost anything I ever come up with. I don't plan to mount lights on it, but there are several spots, and it also has a touch of factory styling. Another major consideration for me is that there be NO modifications to the truck to fit the bumper, but it still has to be attached strong enough for impacts without affecting the crumple zones/SRS. How does yours attach, buff? Like the previous bumper, my new one also has storage (why don't more bumpers have that???), and the grille guard will fold down (both for access to the truck, and for hauling). But this time, I have a grille ornament that's actually strong enough to literally stamp FORD on someone's ass.

Even though this one will probably be slightly heavier, there's still no dead weight in it, so I can accept whatever it does to the fuel economy , knowing that I can knock down trees, crack rocks, & push dirt, bounce Priuses, and skew compasses. Its CG is below the truck's CG, so it's actually helping the stability.

BTW John
That "line" is called "finite-element analysis". Ford was the first automaker to use it on a production vehicle!

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