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Around these parts, these old 7.3s are still commanding a decent price, theyre worth more than newer chevys or dodges.

Originally Posted by SUPERJUNK View Post
Kevin,the rig looks great

Which kit did you go with?

I am looking at trying to lower my EGT's also.Those Baby Swamps are awesome but man,it gets real hot real quick..
Yeah the EGTs, they climb fairly fast, but this takes care of that.
This is the kit I used. Not cheap, but arguably the best currently on the market. I ordered the "Under 300 HP" version with a single nozzle. You can go pretty wild with dual pumps & dual nozzles if youre putting down major power, but for a mild tow rig this is all I need.

Oh, interesting tidbit. I had no idea until yesterday, but Walmart has a separate website dedicated to MSDS sheets for every product they make. I mention this because according to the MSDS, their cheap Super Tech Windshield Washer Fluid is apparently just over 30% methanol, with the rest being water. So that's what im running in the tank

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