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Bronco Info: 1996 xl auto 4x4, 4"lift, 33" Duratracs, LEDs!!!
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mines a 96. I believe it used to be either state patrol or something to do with department of natural resources. anyways. ive never seen this sticker in the door. ill look tomorrow to see. I picked mine up for 1100 last year. I bought it from a guy who was a private investigator. you can see where the paint is faded from the decals and the residue from the unit numbers on the tailgate. mine had a siren/light bar on the roof. one spot light on the driver side. a hole in the driver side for the cb antenna as well as another antenna on the rear driver side quarter. I don't have the fender well pockets in the cargo area in the rear. I just have some plastic flat boards across. it does have rear armrests and ashtrays though. it did not have a factory center console or seat. I lifted it 4 inches. put 15x10 cragar v-5 wheels on. 33 inch duratracs. triple gauge pillar to cover up the hole form the spot light. tranny temp guage and tach. still need to fill in the third guage hole. built my own center console. red underglow/rock lights underneath. rampage soft top. started a roll cage. custom exhaust. blah blah blah. heres some pics. i only have one good pic where you can really see the faded paint. look for that.

can barely see the unit number on the back but its there.

ill do some lookin tomorrow for the rest of the info.
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