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Originally Posted by zippome View Post
Just a reminder to everyone who is not only doing SAS's but any work on their truck. Make sure that you check the torque on the bolts after they have had some time to settle. I told myself to do it but I always put it off to tomorrow. Well last weekend my girlfriend, dog and myself almost died when the bolt that connected the track bar to the mount fell out when I was driving 70+ down the freeway. I almost completly lost control. I somehow managed to cross 3 lanes of traffic and get to the side of the road without hitting anyone. Other than the fact that someone shit my pants everyone/thing is ok.

I will never make that mistake again!! Always check the torque!!

I put a lock nut on there this time so hopefully that won't loosen up again.
WOW! Amazing the axle didn't just explode out of the truck. I always use Stover style lock nuts. Even if the bolt/nut do loosen it will never come all the way off the threads.

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