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Bronco Info: 1993 Eddie Bauer, 7.3 Powerstroke/ZF5
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The 7.3 Eddie Bauer

Here's the 1993 Eddie Bauer with its 1995 F350 PowerStroke 7.3, ZF 5-speed and manual transfer case. Since the conversion was done (by Wilson Off-Road in Fayetteville, NC), I've added a Bronco Graveyard 4-point family cage and then had a custom bikini top made to go over the top of that. So now the top's off more or less permanently. I kept the stock axles and so far that's working out fine with the 31x10.50 tires. The motor has some mild performance mods, with a cold-air intake, 3" downpipe to 4" exhaust and a TS Performance 6-position chip. It dynoed about where you'd expect with those modsó235 hp at the wheels. (We didn't get torque, but stock was 425 lb-ft so now it's surely over 500 lb-ft at the crank.) It's definitely a lot quicker than it was with the 5.8. And it really drives like it's factory built, with a small leveling kit handling the extra weight of the 7.3. I took it on a two-week trip last summer, towing a boat and driving on the beach and it performed flawlessly. It's a fun truck and there are plenty of other things I'd like to do to it, but it's at a good spot right now.

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