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Bronco Info: 89 Eddie Bauer | 302HO/60 over | 90% stock
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Email your pic to me and I'll shrink it down for you.

[email protected]

HORSESH!T [Dedicated Tow / Recovery Rig] - 89 Eddie Bauer, 302HO/60 over, 33s, heavy foot, 90% stock 225hp/300ftlbs

BUSHBRAT [Daily Driver / Forest Plaything] - 1984 Subaru Brat, 32/36 Weber DGEV, 6" lift, 30x9.50A/Ts, EA82 rear coilovers, desert camo paint 72hp/90ftlbs
My Mods - 100A GM large case alternator conversion, 490 watts of power out of the stock headlamps!
Near Plans - 700 watts out of the headlamps, 31x1350 TSL/SX Swampers
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