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Originally Posted by 379sinvb View Post
It's a 1978 Bronco with a 400 and c6. It's been sitting for a while and the po just didn't get around to getting it going again. I was not in the market for one but he stopped by and offered it to me for 800. Said at 70 yo he needed to get ride of some of his toys. It's all there, bumpers, trim, grill (not installed currently) an extra gate, 9" axle, d44 axle, two extra bucket seats, extra hd radiator, 2 extra doors.
Looks like a great start for a serious trail raper!

I didn't do anything today. Hell... I'm still in the wheelchair this afternoon, goofing about online, instead of enjoying this beautiful day for a ride.

I did receive an unexpected gift for my Bronco lift this afternoon though.
UPS truck showed up, unexpectedly and dropped off a gift from sloride75/Mark.

I met up with Mark a couple weeks back to pick up some of his old 4" lift parts. He had just moved up to WA and had some problems finding all the brackets but he cut me a great deal on what he did have and I was happy to get a little closer to my lift and meet another good guy off the forum.

So today... UPS shows up with an order from BroncoGraveyard. I'm looking at this box and wondering "WTF? I haven't ordered anything from there in a while"... when I notice the name on the package says "Pepe` Bricknose". I open it up and there sit two, brand new "Front Axle Pivot Drop Brackets 1980 - 96, 4" or 6" lift". The two brackets Mark was unable to find after his move.
I look up at the "Bill To:" area and there's Marks full name and address. I'm just short of flabbergasted.

Of course... I text'd Mark and tried to be as gracious and thankful as my gruff self could manage. I've never been very good at accepting "gifts" and god knows I've received more from the members of this forum than I'll ever be able to repay... and it just keeps coming!

So... I just thought I'd share this little story and maybe embarrass Mark/sloride75 a little bit (assuming he even sees this post), while I expose his overly generous nature to the rest of the forum.

Personal Note: If you do see this Mark... thanks again bud!
If nobody else knows... you also should be congratulated on your recent baby and an additional comment that new Daddies should be scrimping and saving, not buying neat stuff for slack-ass, old gimps they meet online.

Happy 4/20 to all and to all... a good buzz!
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