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Once home, I started tracking down the no-start problem. It was a poor connection in the battery cables, and once they were cleaned up & tightened back down, it fired right up. So far, I'm very satisfied, because it runs & drives very well (other than a wild steering box and some other "wandering" issues). I believe the engine is a very low-mile unit.

The body is solid & extremely rust free. I was really fortunate there. The bumpers are a little bent and the front fenders need some alignment to be straight. The firewall has had some patch/repairs done in the past where the hood hinges attach, and they look a little crude but seem to have done the job. The radiator support panel was cut & re-welded (when the motor was replaced) and the welds are cracked. And the driver's door droops. Nothing major so far. (Hope it stays that way!)

It also cleaned up decently... for now. The interior is still pretty rough, so I'll start tracking down replacement interior parts.

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