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Originally Posted by jermil01 View Post
5.0 or 5.8? Also, what's the deal with the radiator? It looks like they stuck a tiny single core in can barely see it sandwiched between the core support and the shroud...

one other suggestion, I'd get rid of those crappy battery cable may have cleaned them, but that clamp on style will just give you more trouble down the road.

It's a 5.0, which is luckily what I prefer. I drove both in the field, and remember the 5.8 was a (bigger) gas hog. I never had an issue with the power the 5.0; it was fine. And now that I'm paying the gas bills, it's the best option.

Not sure about the radiator. Does that not look stock?
I agree with the battery cable connectors. This isn't the first time I've had to clean-up those on a car to make it start.
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