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My helper & I fixed a few essentials today.
First, we flushed and refilled the radiator just in case this Chicago summer experiences a cold snap. Everything looked good & clean when it drained, so I was happy to see that.

Then we replaced the broken driver's inside door handle. Now we can get out of the truck without having to roll down the window. (progress is measured in small steps here)

Finally, we replaced the driver's door pins and bushings, so it doesn't sag anymore. I think it's still a little tweaked at the top, because it doesn't exactly have that solid "thunk" when it closes, and the top of the door vibrates a little. It could be the flat weatherstripping.

And we couldn't resist taping a piece of "artwork" on the door temporarily... just to see how it looks.

Next week, we're ordering our new redhead steering box, and hopefully we'll get that installed sometime in the next few months.
Baby steps...
(besides, I'm not actually supposed to be working on this yet.)
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