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Originally Posted by Shadofax View Post
That's good to know, because all along if you just put the springs in without any change you really were more like 5" and 7" with their springs.

I have the now 7" versions, but am truly 6" due to moving my coil tower up 1" as well as having a heavy front (5.8/E4OD/Winch).

Edit: See PICS = Interest by people, the pic whores get all the glory. If you're really into your truck though it's fun anyway to have a supermotors site to put all your pics and info. not only to share but I often have to go back and revisit things to remember all the junk I've done.
Yeah. I'm not a very good pic whore. I'm trying to do better though. Suspension work is basically done. Its sitting on 4 tires. Just have some little stuff to take care of next weekend, primarily steering. Then it will get loaded up onto the trailer, and stuck in a field until I find the rest of the parts I need. 8 lug outers for the front, gotta dig up my extended brakelines, wherever they are... my shackle flip and extended shackle for the rear, my sterling 10.25", a 1350 driveshaft for the front, and a 1410 driveshaft for the rear. oh! and i'll have to get 1350 yokes for the front of the np205 and for the d44.

After all that.... it'll be ready to wheel, but far from finished. Still gotta address cable shifters, do some roll cage work, etc.

Anyhow... pictures incoming.

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