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So the source of my frustration has been remedied! I was having difficulty figuring the correct spacing for the brackets that came with the rear disc brake conversion kit from Jeff's Bronco Graveyard. No matter how many times I tried I could not get the caliper centered on the rotor, Until I lost all hope and put the death wheel on my grinder!

I cut 1 mounting bolt hole off the base plate to allow it to slip over the axle tube so I could mount it to the back side of the mounting plate welded tot he axle tube. Having done this I also had to clearance these mounting bolts on the actual caliper bracket.

Needless to say the direction said nothing of this, but I guess if you can't figure it out you really shouldn't be installing a disc brake kit in the first place.

A short video of the drivers side going on once I figured out the correct spacing on the brackets! Brakes are done! Well OK maybe not entirely I need to complete the rear brake lines and bleed everything out then the brakes will be done!

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