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Originally Posted by Sambo View Post
I'm out in CA but where I worked at a mountain top observatory it snowed. I found an $800 '86 that we were going to turn into a snowplow. I really like the early 1980s with the real glass headlights. The '86 seemed like the hot set up with easy cold starting due to the fuel injection. My boss snubbed the snowplow idea so I've had the old Bronco just sitting around. I just recently picked up an '82 for parts. I finally was able to fix up the interior of the '86 including getting rid of the bench and putting factory bucket seats up front.

More power to you! You are tackling a big one and making it look easy!
The work is easy its talking myself into going back to the garage for more that is hard! Keep up the work on the 86 they are not making them anymore and more get "Recycled" everyday!

3 Generations together on one Project, Our build thread, meet Patches.....
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