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So last Thursday a bunch of buddies came by, we rolled the truck over to the tent, lifted the body off and got it set up.

The frame is back in the garage for now. Im stealing some brackets off it, plus all the body mount hardware, and then chopping it up for scrap.

So yesterday morning after I got home from work I suited up, grabbed the whire wheel & the sand blaster and went at it! that's where she sits as of now. Before you ask, im not sand blasting the entire tub, only the underside. I have no intention on driving this thing in the road salt, but i dont want to get it all done and have the floorpan start rusting away a year or two later. The fenders & interior are clean with good paint on them, so theyre just going to get prepped and painted later on. The underside is going to get sprayed as soon as im done down there, so I can get it on my frame and get it back in the garage.

Progress on this thing is pretty slow as I only work on it a couple days a week. Today im painting in the house, but hopefully tomorrow I can get back out there and do some more blasting.

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