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Thanks guys

The plan this time, is to make it look good. I aready bought a set of 80-86 Bushwacker Cut Out flares in prep for attempting to cover the tires a little bit. I intend to properly cut the wheel wells though, not just sawzall em open like they suggest. New bumpers are in the works as well, since mine have been mostly the same (just minor mods here and there) for over 10 years. I have a mostly complete set of interior parts in Charcoal (the dark gray) that's going in in place of the blue. Gonna spray the interior in Al's Liner, as well as the underside. Thinking about a gun metal color for the exterior, and im definitely going to put the racing stripes & depth markings back on as a throwback to the p/u body. Also going to revisit the wiring for all the stuff ive added to the truck (OBA, ARB, elec fan, line lock, etc), and give that an update as well, since ive definitely gotten better at wiring in the 10 years since Ive added all that stuff.

End result *should* be a really nice bronco to cruise around in, with my proven one-ton drivetrain underneath. Yeah im thinking of taking it a bit easier on the trails; with the p/u cab, since I wrecked it the very first day offroad I really didn't care too much what happened to it, but this time I kinda want a clean rig.

I have yet to start stripping down the bronco. I need to finish blasting the underside of the donor body then get it painted underneath. Then I need to chop up the donor truck's frame, and then im going to dismantle the bronco. Plan is to be able to just strip it down and roll the frame into the garage. Then I need to do some maintenance to it as sitting idle for months at a time as wreaked havoc on all the seals; it needs a rear pinion seal, rear wheel seals, front diff seals, O-rings in the ARB and a front pump seal for the trans. Also need to repair one body mount hole, and chop off the mounts I built for the stepside bed. THEN the donor body can go on my frame So yeah, lots of work to do, before I can even set it in place.

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