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Ok, mostly finished mine up today. Still a few things I want to do, but no time before the next trip and have more important things to do before leaving.

I made these "Andy Skaar" sliders a long time ago. They are simply 2x3x.25 square tube, with end caps welded on. They get pushed up under the door sill, and three holes drilled from the top down. then tap the tube and whola, you have pretty good sliders that have gotten me through a lot of wheeling.

This is the best pic I could find.

and the top

The new sliders are made from 2x2x.25 square, round bent by dustin which is 1.5x.120, and the tie ins are a beefy 1.5x.188.

Tied into the cage frame mounts and one to the radius arm brackets. I plan to gusset where the cage/tie ins meet with some triangular gussets, and will also gusset where the spring hanger is. I dont like how much force can be applied to the spring hanger in the back,and welndmn swears these things can rip off the frame. So I think a simple mitered tube gusset should work fine.

My upside down welding definately leaves something to be desired.

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