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Parts truck!

In the hunt for a 351, I neded up buying a whole truck

Enter this rotted out 88 F250:
351/C6/1356. 4.10s with a L/S rear

She barely fit on the trailer. We ended up sawzalling off the bumper to make room for the ramps

I found this thing and was originally only going to buy the motor until the owner told me for another $200 I could have to whole truck. 3/4 tons with 4.10s? Sign me up

So I set up an elaborate shceme that required me driving 150 miles yesterday
After I left work I went home, grabbed the trailer and picked up this truck. Then from there shot over to Collis Truck Parts to pick up this:

(3/4 ton 10 bolt for 8-lug conversion)

Brought both home, unloaded and then immediately left again, to swap the 235/85/16s on steel wheels for these:

305/70/16 on factory AL wheels

So the plan is to pull the 351 out and get it on an engine stand. Winch truck back up on trailer and then pull rears. Put bronco in driveway, swap to 8-lug, and then dispose of 5-lug parts & F250 (its a rotted out plow truck). (Anyone want a C6??) Then I can begin going over the 351 and getting it ready to drop into the bronco.

Now that I have the 305s im considering ordering the 1.5-2" coils bronco graveyard sells, and rummaging through my spring pile to find a way to lift the rear to match. We'll see...

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