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Good info to know. Im probably going to reuse the 302 intake & fuel rail, and definitely the 302 wiring harness so i should be ok. Have to reuse the 302's manifolds as well due to it having 3 O2 sensors. I need to sort out what to do about adapting the crank sensor to the 351 as well.

Ive got a whole bunch of parts on order (gaskets/seals/bushings/shocks/etc) from Rock Auto, Summit & Bronco Graveyard; hopefully by the time it all arrives ive got the F250 apart.

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Ive seen people comment about the tail gates out there never gave it much thought until I read this, I was just at the you pull it and save yard yesterday I bet there were at least five in that kind of shape or better. what do you guys pay for a tail gate in that kind of shape?
Ive never seen a clean bronco tailgate in a junkyard, so i dunno. Every one is either rotted out, or badly torn from the tire carrier. But LMC sells new ones for ~$300

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