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Originally Posted by 379sinvb View Post
Kenny, Mark, Evan and I will be there from Va Beach area. I don't think Ray (diesel early) and Rob will be there this year.

My list:
f-250 shock mounts
new fan shroud
tranny cooler
rear bumper (dreaming)

I'll put this out there for you guys to ponder. MEB is offering to pick up the tab on your wheeling fees at Rausch if you trail guide. I can get you more details if you are interested.

Contact Bonsai Dave - he has a great bumper on his silver 78 that he is going to scrap. tucks in real nice, solid, rock crawler style and has a spindle based swing out mount. I went up and picked up the front bumper off of it this weekend. He is such a good dude.

I could probably go pick it up from him (he is an hour away) and bring it back to my area.


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