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I hadn't seen this thread until just now. My '92 was a forestry rig, which isn't quite as exciting as boarder patrol... It was outfitted with the H5 (4.10) rear end, but otherwise was a very base level setup. I purchased it at public auction.

A tow hitch was added (not factory as I originally thought), the roof service light was removed and crudely patched, it had a CB/GPS type antenna mount opposite the radio antenna, and the minty green body and white topper was painted white and black, respectively.

However, seeing Steve83's post atop pg 2 makes me wonder if it was really a forestry vehicle as assumed...

Other than the vinyl graphics, that's exactly what mine would have looked like. They used that color scheme for boarder patrol trucks?

Then again...

those lime green trucks are almost always US Forest Service.

The BP stopped using that ugly puke pale green paint jobs in 91. One could never confuse the BP green with the FS "mint" green. All BP rides 92's and up were white.

Originally Posted by Cobra Jet View Post
Have you taken a look at your VCL decal on the driver's side B-pillar to see if it has a (6) digit DSO #? I'm curious to know if the Police/EMT/Gov't use Broncos were also issued (or ordered with) a special DSO like the 84-93 Mustangs.
Unfortunately, my door sticker was painted over along with the rest of the crappy paint job -- even the windows weren't masked off -- so it's pretty tough to read, especially the top half. I can make out DSO 5000, with what looks like an 83 (gov't vehicle) over to the left.

'92 Bronco Build Thread - '95 MAF 5.0, H5 axle code, York OBA, 3G alt, custom jump seat console, flomaster steps/sliders.
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