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After the exhaust was done and the BKO was running I found that (what a surprise) the Headers leaked. So I called Sanderson and they told me to put ľĒ Bead of Black Permitex and let it dry overnight before installing them. I also took off the 4V 2V adapter as I didnít need them with the aluminum heads.

I also replaced the Header bolts with ARP studs while I had it apart:

After all of this it was still running like crap. So I did a leak test on the exhaust and every weld on the exhaust leaked creating havoc on the EFI. Besides that from the muffler back was about 10 pieces welded up and Iím a little pickier that this. My neighbor was friends with the exhaust guy so I didnít even go back to him, I went somewhere else and had them rip it out and redo itÖ.. Itís all good now

Smile for the camera Sweetie

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