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Day 30

As I was looking around for pics in preparation of FOTM I found a couple of the Bronco checking out its new home. We moved into our current place in July of 2014 and the garage was just a shell. Although that is a different project, my garage is such a part of my Broncoís story. Iím pretty proud to have what I do. The garage isnít huge, a slightly oversized 2 car but Iím well aware that some guys are working in their driveway so Iím not complaining.

Since I spend all my free time out there, Iíve tried to make the place feel like home and have spent a lot of time making it functional and look good. As I was reviewing the roll cage pics I snapped this weekend, I realized they captured some of the details of the garage (and the mess I have going on too ). There are lots of little Ford and Bronco tributes, probably too many but I can't help myself. With only one day left, the finish of the cage will have to wait but here was some of the progress I was chasing to end the month.

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