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Originally Posted by itwasFREE!!!! View Post
I'm still waiting, waiting for a barrage of pictures and videos from some folk, don't give up yet! There are a lot of nice rigs this month. It has certainly been entertaining to say the least. But I think @JCG74 still has something to let out of the box. We still have 17 hours left of this Rodeo. Post up those videos and pictures. Thank you everyone for posting clear up to the end! Please remember to start searching for more contestants for the March FOTM.
Well I'm sorry to disappoint...but I kind of shot my load early. Never been one for excuses, but not really having any build photos, and not having my rig home at all this month made it really tough. Being a new member, I had never looked at or voted on FOTM before this month's contest. I had no idea what to expect or what was expected of me. Just figured...WTH? I'll give it a go.

I appreciate the heck out of the nomination @whitedragon and the support. Never really felt worthy, but it was fun. It's pretty obvious who owned it this month and I want to congratulate @cstrike early . This guy does all his fab work himself and I have a lot of respect for guys like that. Plus a disciplined story line and great photos. I'm hoping to meet up this spring with AZ Bronco Club members and get in on some of that red rock wheelin'.

My 89' is a work in progress. I'm doing it in phases and I can not wait for it to be completed. Especially the Stage 6 4-Link Suspension. As I said in a previous post...To be able to crawl all day and go 60 through the whoops on the way back to camp is my goal. Guess you could call it a Pre-Crawler or a Rock Runner. Maybe just Dual Sport. Who knows? Until then...keep them ponies on all four, or three, or two at a time once in a while and wheel on brothers. Thank you!

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