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Bronco Info: 1989 F350 cclb 4x4 w/'97 7.3l powerstroke
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Post a pic of your Bronco

Since the last pic thread got "hard deleted", I figured we oughtta start a new thread.

Same rules: year, make, model and specs .


My junk, 1994 XLT, 5.8L, E40D, 37" Mud Grapplers on basically stock suspension and drivetrain.
The day after I bought it

How it currently sits

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rolling Rolling ROLLING....
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Location: sol cal (west covina)
Posts: 22,751
Bronco Info: 98 TJ
iTrader: (34)


14 bolt rear
Sliders/cage/custom bumpers
And a chit load of other crap.


Newest token Jeep owner....

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Bronco Info: 1993 EB 351 4x4
iTrader: (0)
Here is my 93 EB 5.8. It has a Pro Comp stage 2 6" lift with 35" Ground Hawgs. I found it last year for $3,500 with no rust!

Changed the Computer to Mass Air.

Still needs alot of work but it looks alot better then it did.

Here is a Link to my Photobucket page with more pics.
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Bronco Info: 1995 Oj special xlt 5.0 mass air
iTrader: (0)
5.0 mass air
six inch lift
flowmaster exhaust
35 bfg km2's

things soon to come
long tube headers,custom y pipe single chamber flowmaster
gears 4.56 or 4.88's
and a complete tune up on the 5.0 to make it last till my stroked 351 is done

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Bronco Info: 82 Bronco
iTrader: (2)
82 big brown beast
4" rancho lift with long arms
4.10 gears with ARB at both ends
Winch Bumper up front swing out tire bumper out back
stock 5.0 with carter AFB carb for now
Suspension seats
35x12.5 Cooper Stts

Soon to come Roll Cage, Rock Sliders, Repair the AC, and possibly swap the carb for a quadrajet or EFI

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Bronco Info: 1991 25th Silver Anniversary Edition
iTrader: (0)
1991 Silver Anniversary
32" A/T
Stock with the exception of the stereo(for now)

The day i picked it up!
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Bronco Info: 1996 EB Bronco 5.8, E4OD, BW1356 Transfercase, 6 inch BDS Lift w/Procomp Leafs, 200,010Miles
iTrader: (1)
When I first got it.


1996 Eddie Baur Bronco, 5.8L
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Mud God - R.I.P.
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Bronco Info: 66,79,79,87
iTrader: (0)
Some of my JUNK

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Better To Be An Open Sinner Than A False Saint

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Bronco Info: 96XLT, 351, E4OD, FIPK, 35" BFGs, 4.56, Auburn Rear, TruTrac Front, JBA Heads, Cstm YPipe, Magnaflow
iTrader: (1)
When I first got it....

First Set of Mods...

As it sits now...

6" Pro-Comp Lift, Full Leafs, Extended RA's, 4.56 Gears, Limited Slip front & rear, 35" BFG A/T, JBA Heads, Custom Y-Pipe, Hi-Flo Cats, Magnaflow Muffler, Saginaw Power Steering Pump
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Originally Posted by 96_Eddiebauer View Post

This is not
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The Anti Yam!
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Bronco Info: 86 Bronco XLT 357w/AOD
iTrader: (4)


86 Bronco - 357W/AOD - 6" suspension lift, 3" body lift - 38" TSL Radials - 456:1 Gears
Sequential Multiport Mass-Air Fuel Injection from a 93 Mustang GT

My SuperMotors Site - My Engine

The Greatest Thread on FSB
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Bronco Info: 1992 Eddie Bauer Bronco, 351w, E4OD, 4" Rancho lift, everything elses is stock.
iTrader: (2)
'92 Eddie Bauer
4" Rancho lift
351w, K&N FIPK
Stock drivetrain

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Posts: 3,018
Bronco Info: 95, 5.8L(351), Eddie Bauer green/tan, 6" Dick Cepek lift w/ extenede radius arms, 35" Pro Comp M/T's
iTrader: (15)
Got'er home!

Just a few months ago!

Currently but the front and rear axles are removed and it's sitting on jack stands not the blocks!
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The Best Never Rest!
SAS Thread Winch Install
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Location: The White A-Town, Colorado
Posts: 1,671
Bronco Info: 96,5.8, Built E40D, 2.5" Prog. Rate Coils, AAL, Full 3" w/ CherryBomb Vortech, K&N, SCT Custom Tuner
iTrader: (5)
5.8L w/ K&N, flowmaster 40series, and SCT Programer w/ a custom tune
E40D w/ thePunisher custom valve body33x12.50x15 ProComp M/T's
2.5inch Progressive Rate Coils

before the lift, durring a massive snow storm in 2006

'Oh My God Road' (that's seriously whats its called)

After the lift w/ sway bars still

new clear headlights & new grill guard

With coil spacers and sway bars

Progressive Rate coils and no sways
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Location: Greeley, CO
Posts: 3,422
Bronco Info: Skyjacker leveling coils/aal, 33x12.50 Kevlar MT's, Flowmaster Duals, Uniden CB, other misc mods
iTrader: (2)
1996 Eddie Bauer
351, E40D
2-2.5 Skyjacker Lift
33x12.50 BFG AT's on Eagle 100's
Magnaflow cat, Original Flowmaster 40 Muffler
Warn Manuals
Uniden PC78 Elite CB
5% Tint
Other Misc Mods

Back when I bought it from my Dad in 2004...a few mods done.

Last year


1996 Eddie Bauer. Sold June 2013. Bought back September 2018.
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Bronco Info: 88 / 302 / XLT / mostly stock
iTrader: (0)
This is the picture in the ad from me buying my FSB.

This is about 2 wks after I got it home.
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1988 Ford Bronco 4x4 Texas

Pics are all on my blog and awaiting your approval...
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Driving Stuff Henry Built
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Location: SoCal (SGV)
Posts: 7,169
Bronco Info: -90 xlt, 351w, e4od, man 1356, 3.55, sag, warn hubs, 35" bfg m/t. --73, 400, np435, d20j twin, 35s
iTrader: (8)
1990, 351w, E4OD, Manual 1356 t-case.

When I bought it. Running boards, rusty tailgate, stuck back window, no external spare, 29s.

And some shots along the way. Running boards & sway bars gone, tailgate patch panel, tow loops, external spare, JY springs (about 1-1/2") 33s, & a bunch of dumb little things fixed.

Hauling a trailer after loading up from a weekend's work at the Rose Bowl.

El Mirage.

Flexing like a a brick at Hungry Valley.

Looking tiny next to Dr. Dirty & B-man at Calico (Pic from B-man).

Big Bear / Gold Mountain behind Cucamongan's reverse image of mine (Pics from Toy Keeper).

Cleghorn (Pics from Tony R & Redwagon).

My very rough 73 when it came home.

6/26/11 Edit:
And the 73 as it sits now, partway thru the rework.
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Location: NVA
Posts: 63
Bronco Info: 95 7.3 Power Stroke Turbo Diesel , 35in BFG All terrain KO, 125,xxx miles
iTrader: (0)
My Broncos

My first Bronco on 31s. Sold here and regret it she will be missed

With 33s and alittle trimming of front bumper

New Bronco with 95 powerstroke and 350 axles. As it sat when i first bought it

Old and new

Getting new rims and tires 16in steelies with 35in BFG AT KOs

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Bronco Info: '90 White/Grey XLT; 5.8, E4OD, BW1356, 3.55 open, stock springs with 33" Bighorns
iTrader: (0)
First Bronco I got at the end of last month; 1990 5.8 w/ 149K on the odo. Only one owner, so here were the sales pictures:

When I looked at it, the battery was flat dead and had an obvious draw on the system. When the jump-box was pulled off it would die, so seemed the alternator wasn't putting out either. Told salesman I had to drive it to make sure I wanted it. Called the next day and said it was "all fixed" and only the alternator plug had come loose ... yeah. Took it for a test drive, could tell it had 20 years of use, but was overall in good shape, could hear the heater core gargle, so figured coolant must be a little low. Got it home, parked it in the garage and two days later the battery was dead, again. "All fixed!" I went to work and tracked it down to Fuel Pump priming with key off. EEC Relay went bad and was forwarding Voltage on to FP Relay. Fixed, no longer draw, and charges at 14.4 volts: perfect! Two days later I go to move Bronco and there's coolant on ground ... start poking around, and intake gasket is seeping on driver's head! Pulling it apart, decide to replace head and exhaust manifold gaskets while I'm in there. A few studs snap off in driver's cylinder head after a day's soaking with PB Blaster. Great, so now I want to get reman'd heads, its a loonnnng story too. Well, here's a picture after I pulled the heads off April 30th:

And here is that 5.8L motor, strewn about my garage:

Here it is May 22nd, and still no heads!!

Why is it so hard to get a set of Ford 5.8L truck heads???? Ford only sold a million of them? Only place around that had them was a machine shop. After getting them home I noticed one head was an E5 (of course the one head I didn't check the casting on). Wanting both E7's (for period correct reasons) I took the heads back. O'Reilly said they could only get the "hi-performance" heads, but then couldn't give me any details as to what all the specs and details were? Do they have smog holes? Hi port?

So then the chicks working the counter at Vautozone told me "no sweat", and then after having laid out the cash, kept jerking me around saying "3 days tops". About 4 times they strung me along until I gave up and asked for a refund. Here I am waiting on a set of heads from ebay, and hoping they'll show up within the next two weeks or you'll likely find me on a tower in Texas with a "hi-performance" deer rifle?

At least I'm getting some time to clean all my parts up a little!

Oh yeah, the pinstriping was the first thing to go, lol:

(Sorry for the long winded post, some people like dialogue ... if not, don't read it. )

Robin Hood never "robbed from the rich to give to the poor". His only 'crime' was returning money to THE PEOPLE whom were victimized by crooked government officials, and a lying king.
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Bronco Info: 78 stock but in transformation
iTrader: (0)
Just got it home. A little rough.

A few weeks later, Things are looking up. New doors,floors,tailgate,rear quarters,Krylon paint job,4" lift,Herculiner inside,custon farm fabbed front bumper.Add in a set of used 15/35/15 swampers on centerlines and were off and running.

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Bronco Info: Broncos are for chumps
iTrader: (6)
My 1990 Eddie Bauer, 351w for right now, 32" BFG All terrains, brush guard, light bar, and no top.

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