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Talking My Ugly Bronco

Here's my old girl. 84 Bronco, 93 351 EFI Lightning, E4OD, cats, all smog working, cats and 3" full length straight pipe, daily driver, 8 years on engine, 214,000 miles on the Bronco. There wasn't much room to play. Notice the guy wire from the phone pole.
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Bronco Info: 96 XL
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1996 302 New Exhaust

1996 302

No engine modifications
Pacesetter Headers; Summit Part #69035
Custom mandrel bent pipes, 3" from the collectors back single exhaust
Magnaflow Cat; part #94319
Hooker Aerochamber; Part # 21506
Sound level - 7 or 8

96 XL
Original Owner

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Bronco Info: use to be 302aod and 302c6, now its a gt40p 302/np435!
iTrader: (3)
1. year and engine

'89 bronco,
97 gt40p motor with 80k-stock explorer cam, stock advance, 1.7 roller rockers
86 style truck intake
*if you youtube clips of explorers with exhaust, my truck sounds similar


stock explorer manifolds, 21/2 to 3" single flowmaster y, catco cat, flowmaster delta 1 chamber, gibson 2 1/2 tailpipe <-the tailpipe increased torque a lil bit

3.sound level

at idle its real quiet, the explorer cam is small, 2 or 3
under throttle its LOUD, 4 to 6
decelerating its louder with lots of popping, 4-7
on the highway inside the cab its pretty quiet unless i get on it

the tailpipe made a big difference in sound, w/o a tailpipe the exhaust reverberates off the back floor, making it really loud and deep

screwin around where onefastsnake works

THE GOODS:97 302gt40p, 1.7 RR,MAC equal lengths, Bassani Y to cherry bomb 2 chamber, np435,3g alt-saginaw swap -33's and flares-cop spotlight and 92+doors, markviii fan,new interior DONE FINALLY next up ttb rebuild, maf a9L and cam
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Bronco Info: 96 351W E4OD SAS Leaf Dana 44/Spool Front, Dana 60FF Rear, 4.88 gears
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1. 1996 and 351 Cubic Inches

2. No modifications (OBD II and MAF stock)

3. Stock except 12" glasspack and 2.5" tailpipe with turndown tip

4. 2 Idle, 3 full throttle



1996 XLT 5.8L E4OD, D44 SAS with Spool and Alloy USA Shafts, D60FF 30spl rear, 4.88 gears
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Bronco Info: '92 351W, E40D ,8.8" and Dana 44 axles,(Only mod is a 2" body lift) 33x12.50"R15
iTrader: (0)
1992 Bronco XLT 5.8L 351W
Ghetto Fab'd K&N Intake - Crane Fireball - Ford 9mm Plug Wires - NGK Plugs -
Royal Purple 10W-30 - MSD rotor&cap

Nothing too special.

Exhaust is stock from the block until after 2nd catalytic converter. Previous owner installed some kind of store bought exhaust pipe. NO MUFFLER! 2.5"
Video is slightly long, i dunno how to edit. Exhaust starts at 1 minute. You can see my sexy fluffy ass a couple of times.

At Idle 4 At W.O.T. 6 Nice rumble

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Thumbs up Flowmaster Super 44

Hey all, here again to update you on my new exhaust system. I recently purchased and installed a pair of Flowmaster Super 44's. This video clip does not come close to doing this system any justice when presented in person. These are definately the most aggressive, deepest sounding system Flowmaster has come out with yet. Enjoy the clip.

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Bronco Info: 89 Mustang, 88 Cougar
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Heres my 86.
Shes sporting a 5.0L with flat top pistons, RV cam, Cobra heads, roller rockers, trick flow valve springs, and sixlitre ignation upgrade.

Its got stock manifolds and 2 1/4" duals with no crossover.
The exhaust was custom built it my budies shop. Its true duals with flowmasters and no cats.

Id say the sound level at idle is a 4 or 5 and when floor it 7 or 8.


hill climb
"If you stand for nothing you'll fall for anything"
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Bronco Info: 1994 Bronco 5.8l, 6in JBG Lift, 35in Bighorns
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94 Bronco 351W
K&N Intake, Throttle Body Spacer
Stock Manifolds, True Duals, No X over, High Flow Cats, Empty Glasspacks, 4inch tips at 45 degrees
idle id say about a 4
rev about 7-8
sorry about the video it was getting dark


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Bronco Info: 95 Bronco 5.0HO shortblock, Crane 2030 roller cam,powerheads early 351w heads, shorties w/Ypipe
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Year/Engine) 1995 5.0L w.MAF

Mods) 1990 5.0HO short block. Rebuilt with Crane 2030 cam. Early 351 heads, ported, with 1.94 valves. Roller tip rockers, and gasket matched Truck intake

Exhaust) Well.... Summit shorties only.

Sound level) 9 OFF THE HOOK!!!

Ya, well I have not dune my Ypipe yet, but had to hear how the new engine ran.

Paul B

'95 Bronco XLT 5.0L/e40d working on 5.0HO Crane 2030 cam,early 351W heads ported w/194 valves,shorties,Homemade Ypipe,K&N CAI,Flowmaster cat back,procomp 3000 shocks,MM manual hubs
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Bronco Info: 93 Bronco, 5.0, e4od
iTrader: (3)
1. Year and engine size
1993 Bronco with 302
2. Engine modifications
K & N filter!, Summit shortie headers
3. Exhaust
Summit shortie headers, stock Y pipe cut just before the cats and before it goes into one pipe, dual pipes, no cats to a stock 2003 f150 lighning exhaust, exit before rear passenger tire
4. Sound Level
Under throttle I would say 7. highway cruising with the windows up it is a 3, with them down a 5
Link to original post with pics
sound clip
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Bronco Info: 1982 5.8L C6 Megasquirt York OBA 3G Headers Saginaw pump
iTrader: (0)
1. Year and Engine

1982 351W

2. Engine Mods

Internals: Stock. Fuel Injection by Megasquirt. Duraspark 2 with late model Coil.

3. Exhaust

2.5" single. Summit brand turbo muffler. No Cat ( I know)

4. Sound level.
Idle is louder than cruise, and I like that. Probably a 4 at Idle, and a 3 at Cruise.


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Bronco Info: 1999 infiniti g20,dropped and handles on rails.
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1. Year and engine size
1992 Ford f-150 xlt 302

2. Engine modifications
Comp cam 270hr

3. Exhaust
Stock manifolds,no cats,no crossover pipe,true duels and glass packs

4. Sound level (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10)

3 at idle

8 Wot

"God created straight pipes and smoke stacks for rednecks" "God created folger's for ricer's"
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Bronco Info: 1978 bronco
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86 6.9 f350 diesel no muffler



78 bronco needs some stuff.
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Bronco Info: 94 XLT 5.0 5SPEED
iTrader: (3)
1994 stock 5.0
summit shorty headers
Bassani y-pipe with highflow cat
Flowmaster 1-chamber 3" inlet Dual 2.5" outlets with mustang 2.5" tailpipes
Sound level
3 at idle
8 at 5000

94 XLT 5.0 5SPEED
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Bronco Info: 85 bronco trail rig 89 bronco daily driver ford f350 8'' stacks
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bronco exhaust

heres my 84 bronco


let me know if the link works

5.0 with long tubes, no cats, 2 1/2 pipe true duel no x or h pipe, home made with magna flow mufflers

6" lift with 35s and flame thrower kit

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Bronco Info: 1995 XLT 5.8 with 127k miles, WARN Premium Hubs
iTrader: (18)
95 351w bored .030, heads milled to 59cc, E303 cam, 3 inch exhaust with a flowmaster 40. sound is about a 3 or 4 at idle and about a 7 when opened up. This video is sound at idle only.

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Bronco Info: 1982 Bronco 351w c6
iTrader: (0)
Ok here it is if I can make this work
351w Stock
hedman headers long tube
dyno mufflers
Sound level 3ideal 5 on the gas
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Location: Aug. GA
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Bronco Info: Not a bronco, but hey, it's a ford! (F-150 4x4 XLT with the 5.8L 351W
iTrader: (0)
Finally got my camera working.
'92 F-150 5.8L with no cats (2nd one, the biggest one, gone, but whatever can collects the y-pipe is still there. I think it's a smaller cat?) and a flowmaster 70 series. I just love the sound.


'92 F-150 4x4 XLT 5.8L E4OD
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Bronco Info: '89 XLT 302 AOD 4" lift 35x12.5X15 Bighorns 15x10 Eagles 4.56's Detroits TruTrac & Locker
iTrader: (1)
89 302, stock manifolds y and first cat. Pics and clip of my temporary exhaust. I cut off my second cat and added 3" tube and turndown. I have a 3" Hooker Aerochamber in/out and 3" Maramont tailpipe on the way. This thing is loud!!! Wouldn't be too bad if not for the "clapping" sound when getting on the gas. Sounds like an older deisel. It does sound mean at idle though. I will update when I put the muffler and tailpipe on.

Click pic for clip
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LS Swap Everything!
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Bronco Info: '07 BMW 328i & '02 Camaro Z28
iTrader: (0)
Here's a stock '91 5.8 with 3" straight pipe & Maremont pipe all the way back from the Y-pipe cat. It's drastically more quiet than running the Y-pipe cat & a 3" straight pipe. I'd give it a 5-6 at driving speeds, probably a 2 at idle (all interior ratings).


'91 XLT-totaled
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