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Bronco Info: 1989 Ford Bronco XLT 4X4 - 5.8L 351 Windsor
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1. 1989 Bronco XLT 5.8L EFI 351ci Windsor

2. Stock other than a cone hi-flow air filter. (Home Depot setup)

3. Stock Manifolds, custom Y-pipe, and a cheap baffle tip.

4. 3 at Idle, 4.5 at cruisin', 5.5 highway, and 8 at rompin'.


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Bronco Info: 1984 F150 4WD, 351W, C6, 9" rear AussieLocker, Deaver Coils, 35" MT/R's
iTrader: (1)
1. 84' F150, 351w HO 4bbl
2. Stock other than Edelbrock carb, K&N filter
3. Stock manifolds, 2.5" True duals (no crossover) custom bent from manifolds back, Magnaflow cats (not sure if hi-flow or not), no mufflers, 3" tips run behind each rear tire.
4. Idle-3? WOT revs- I'd guess about an 8 since I'm used to it.
**Warning** Language. The red 150 (in all of that user's vid's as well) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8i3TWW46b4

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Bronco Info: Dead Reckoning 95 bronco blk XLT 35", Fantazma 05 F150 FX4 35”, 92 Mustang 302, 89 Mustang 393
iTrader: (0)
Dead Reckoning

1. Year and engine size
1995 Bronco, 351EFI

2. Engine modifications

3. Exhaust
- stock manifolds
- stock Y pipe
- custom 3" collector

- 3" flowmaster one chamber delta race muffler

4. Sound Level
3 or 4 at idle and normal driving, 7 or 8 when you open her up.

oh and at 38 sec you can see a flame

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Bronco Info: Stock 96 5.8, Bassani Y, Flowmaster 50
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96 FSB 5.8L

SLT done with timing advanced to 14 BTDC

Stock manifolds
Bassani Y pipe
No cats - used O2 sensor simulator
Flowmaster 50 SUV 3" in/out
Maremont 3" tailpipe

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Bronco Info: 92 Bronco 351 Windsor
iTrader: (2)
1. Year and engine size: 1992 351 Windsor

2. Engine modifications: Stock

3. Exhaust: Everything new from the manfiolds back.

Summit Headers part number G9036 ceramic coated and polished inside and out, custom 2 1/2" die bent Y pipe with Magnaflow 33007 catalytic converter with post cat deleted. 2 1/2" alluminized single setup with a Flowmaster 40 series muffler exiting to a 3" stainless tip.

4. Sound level: At idle 2-3

Accelarating or under load: 5-6 very smooth with no drone very quiet inside the cab.

EDIT and UPDATE 1/4/2011:
I finally got my engine rebuilt and have the above plus the following enhancements...

Upped compression to 9.57-1
Edelbrock 3881 upper and lower intake.
Comp Cam 35-255-5 camshaft
Comp 1631-16 chromoly rockers.
Procomp 3035 alumminum heads with 160 runners, 62cc pocket, and 2.02 and 1.600" stainless swirled and undercut valves.

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Urban Assault Bronco
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I know its not a bronco, but here ya go...

1992 Ford econoline 150 conversion van with a 302

exhaust mods: summit shorty headers, homemade custom y-pipe (dual 2 1/2 pipe into flowmaster y-pipe collector out to single 3") catco highflow cat, Aero Turbine 3030 muffler. Have a Magnaflow 3" mandrel bent tailpipe I have to weld on yet.

Sound Level at idle- 3
Sound Level at WOT- 8


2008 F250 6.4 Powerstroke- way way too many mods
1992 Bronco Nite 351W
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Bronco Info: 1995 F-150 5.8L
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not mine but one of the cleanest exhaust notes i've herd so far, just like a mustang................................


he sent me a couple of pics of his setup, did a real super nice job.

he listed all his specs on the youtube video for all those who are wondering.
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Bronco Info: 96 351W E4OD SAS Leaf Dana 44/Spool Front, Dana 60FF Rear, 4.88 gears
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I love the sound of this bronco, because it is relatively stock yet sounds beautiful. Also, the video is high quality so it's not muffled.

E303 cam, .030 over, 59cc milled heads, 3" exhaust, flowmaster 40 series



1996 XLT 5.8L E4OD, D44 SAS with Spool and Alloy USA Shafts, D60FF 30spl rear, 4.88 gears
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Bronco Info: 1985 300ci 6cyl. ZF 5 speed manual. 32" tires. DUI ignition. Holley Sniper EFI.
iTrader: (1)
A new Bronco I picked up for $600. The carb leaked fuel everywhere and it had the feedback ignition system for the 300 (only used from 84 - 86) and, even though it had a Holley 4bbl put on it, the ignition was looking for signals from the 1bbl carburetor to set the timing and advance. Needless to say, since the 1bbl was no longer there, it ran horribly.
Rebuilt the carb and pulled the entire ignition system and reverted it back to the venerable DuraSpark II setup (distributor, coil, ignition module, wiring harness, etc.)

1. 1984 Bronco. 300 I6

2. DuraSpark II ignition. Offenhauser C 4bbl intake. Holley 600 CFM carb.

3. Hooker Headers bolted to a very cheap, home made exhaust that goes into two little mufflers (not sure the type) hanging from chains. After that, it just ends... Needs to be completely redone, but in the mean time, it's LOUD and sounds awesome!

4. Sound level. Idle: 7/10 Throttle: 10/10 Cruise: 8/10

YouTube - 1984 Ford Bronco 300 4.9 I6 Holley 600 CFM 4bbl with headers

May 2019 FOTM
March 2016 FOTM

1985 Eddie Bauer Bronco. High Performance 9.1:1 compression 300 (305) I6. Roller Rockers, DUI ignition, Holley Sniper EFI. ZF5. 32" BFG A/T KO2s. 3.55 8.8" rear.
1981 Bronco Custom (R.I.P.)
Supermotors Pics
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Harmful if swallowed
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1. Year and engine size
1996 Bronco 5.8L

2. Engine modifications (the major stuff anyway)
Balanced and blueprinted factory rotating assembly
Trick Flow stage 1 cam and 1.6 RR's
AFR 185CC heads 9.5-1 compression
Edelbrock manifold
61mm TB

3. Exhaust
Bassani coated headers
Bassani Y pipe and cat
3" in 2.5" dual out magnaflow with turndowns

4. Sound Level
Idle is 5-6
WOT is 8+
decibels wise, idle is about 85 dB, WOT pegs it out at 105 dB(high as the phone goes)

idle and walk around(I was still dealing with a couple of header leaks at this point and teh camera mic isn't the best)

Take off and getting on it with windows down
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Bronco Info: 1990 EB FSB, MAF, 6.7L, E4OD, 4" Rancho, 4.56, 33" on 15x10 Alcoa's
iTrader: (4)
1990 Bronco 5.8L/6.7L
Original Ford 351W Block
Converted to 408 Stroker in 2010

MAF Upgrade
Edelbrock Performer Truck Intake
AFR 185 Blueprinted Heads
All Forged Internals
Completely Balanced Rotating System
Full Roller Rockers
Comp Cams Xtreme Energy Hydraulic Roller Camshaft 35-351-8

Bassani SS Ceramic Coated Equal Length Headers
Bassani SS Y-Pipe w/SS High Flow Cat
Bassani SS High Flow 3” Cat Back Exhaust

6 @ Idle
8 @ WOT
Revs are to 5500 RPM
Pretty much screams when you open it up

Pre-TFI Upgrade (a little rough...)

Post-TFI Upgrade (much smoother...)

0-75 In Cab Sound
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Bronco Info: 96 Eddie Bauer, E4OD, 5.8, E303 cam, S/S headers, 3" Aerochamber exhaust, K&N, 8.8" 3.55 TrueTrac
iTrader: (0)
1996 Bronco 133,000 miles
5.8L, factory MAF
Ford Racing E303 cam
Ford Racing S/S shorty headers
Bassani Y-Pipe with high-flow cat
Hooker Aero Chamber muffler S/S 3" center in / 3" center out
Magnaflow 15003 3" mandrel bent tailpipe

The video shows idle, two revs to about 2,000, then revs to 2K, 3K, and 4,500.

At cruise there is NO drone...it's relatively quiet but throaty. Under acceleration load between 2000-2300, the drone is almost painful, but is easy to drive around. Steady state at 2100 isn't bad. Overall it's great system and I love it.


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Bronco Info: '96 XLT 5.8l
iTrader: (0)
96 351MAF
Edelbrock upper and lower intake manifolds
Edelbrock aluminum cylinder heads
Edelbrock ceramic shorty headers
Crane gold roller rockers
Aeromotive Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
Ford Motorsports E303 cam
Bassani Y pipe with high flow cat
Magnaflow 24"
Magnaflow 3" tailpipe
Ford racing plug wires
AEM dryflow drop in airfilter

Idle 4 (nice lope and rock with the cam)
cruise at 70 is a 5 with no drone
WOT- pure badass 9

This one is everything listed except exhaust, only headers.

After full exhaust was installed

Neighborhood flyby

WOT passes
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Bronco Info: 91 EB on 35's
iTrader: (0)

1. Year and engine size

1991 351 E4OD

2. Engine modifications

Edelbrock Performer RPM cam, otherwise stock.

3. Exhaust

"Summit brand" (pacesetter) headers, Bassani off-road y-pipe, Flowmaster 40 series (3" in, dual 2.5" out) with custom bent dual 2.5's in stock location.

4. Sound level (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10)

I'd say about a 7 but absolutely no drone. The thing is quiet when you're putting around but when you open the throttle she gets throaty. I love having the top off cruising around and just listening to it

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Bronco Info: 94 351w AOD 4x4. rough country 6" lift. 33" A/T's
iTrader: (0)
89 F150 (my first truck)
inline 6
stock manifolds, 4 feet of piping
i say its a 7. too loud for me. had to put the cats back on after a week

94 Bronco XLT 351w AOD. 6" rough country on 33' Goodyear A/Ts
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Bronco Info: 1996 Bronco XLT, Cummins 6Bt Powered, E4od trans, Eaton Trutrac, Lifted with 32's on Ultras
iTrader: (0)
1996 Bronco

5.9 Cummins

Hand built, mandral bent 409 stainless with 30" Magnaflow muffler

Sound level 5


From the 'bumper cam'.

admin edit: sorry. sig pic to large

March 2011 FOTM
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Bronco Info: 94 Eddie Buer Blacked Out
iTrader: (0)
94 Bronco with 5.0
stock engine
Stock manifolds-2 1/4 into 3" Flowmaster Y-pipe to 3" 40 series muffler
6 at idle 9 at wot haven't ran down the road with it yet
Also fixed a small leak so it doesn't pop any more
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Bronco Info: 1990 xlt, 1992 custom & 1994 xlt
iTrader: (0)
1994 XLT Bronco

Hi, here's my 1994 XLT 5.0 Stock engine with full lenght headman headers and dual exaust with 2 Magnaflow

Here's the video....

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Bronco Info: 95 xlt 351, pretty much stock
iTrader: (0)
1995 stock 5.8l, summit shorty headers, true dual 2-1/4 inch pipe, 2 offset inlet center out summit race muffler,

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Bronco Info: 1995 EB 357 MAF E-Street Heads Performer Intake, Pacesetter Headers, Custom Ypipe E4OD 32" BFG-AT
iTrader: (0)
1995 Bronco EB

I just finished this build. I am still working out some bugs and need to tune it in, but here is the first take.


1. Year and engine size:
1995 Bronco 5.8 351

2. Engine modifications
MAF Conversion
Bored .030
Edelbrock Performer Intake
Edelbrock E-Street Heads
Crane Cams 2020 Camshaft

3. Exhaust
Pacesetter Shorty Headers
Custom 2.5" Y-Pipe https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/phot...eat=directlink
3" Flowmaster 40 Delta Flow
3" Maremount Exhaust Pipe

4. Sound level (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10)
Idle - 5
WOT - 8
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