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I was moving the front clip, and bumped into one of my shocks. It fell over and this happened

Guess ive got no excuse now, were upgrading the shocks.

Front clip reinstalled! Wheel well is pretty big now.

I installed the fender liner (Yes its actually bolted into place in this pic). Its gonna need some work if im gonna reuse it!

Also got my riv-nut tool, so i can start installing the nuts for the flares

Im gonna start working on the fender liners next i think. Gotta get a game plan going. Currently thinking im gonna roll the seams on the firewall, then trim up the fender liner, and maybe make a piece that will seal the back to he firewall. Dunno yet. Long term use proved the tubbed wheel wells i did last time were a nightmare for shedding heat, so this time i want to make sure i leave as much open space under the hood as i possibly can.

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