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Its been a while, so i thought id update.

Progress is slow.

I put the hood back on, and roughly aligned the front clip, so i could start on the fender liners. Needed to make sure everything was straight before i started cutting into stuff!

I abandoned reusing the original fender liners, as they would require too much work, and put the homebrew sheetmetal brake to work.

Youll note the wheel well is open pretty much right to the battery tray. So the tray will end up being part of the new fender liner.

First thing i did was to make this piece. It bolts to the battery tray, and the firewall. The oddly shaped cutouts are to clear the shock & coil towers.

Next up is this piece. This keys into the battery tray as well.

Here's the rough idea:

I whipped up a third piece, that boxes in the heater box.

That gets us to here. Still a lot of gaps to close, but progress is progress.

Pulled it all out, and started tacking it together

...And where im at today.

This has been a constant evolution. Every time i pull the panels out i make subtle changes to get them to fit better, and there are more changes coming yet. I need to fill in a lot more gaps, and im hoping that when done i wont need that 1x1/8" brace because its a PITA to install. Currently i think ive got 7 more pieces i need to make, to close it all in.

I bought a ton of stainless hardware from Bolt Depot, some of which im using now, and the rest of the hardware is just temp stuff to hold it all together. But the goal is to have one big removable panel, for easy access into the engine bay. Hopefully i can get it to work

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