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New to site, two time Bronco owner of the same Bronco

My Bronco story starts out way back in the early 70's, my father owned a 1970 Bronco that I vaguely remember since I was very young at the time but have seen in many pictures, ever since that time I've wanted a Bronco. Fast forward to 2002, my wife and father-in-law surprised me with a 1979 Bronco for my birthday. We drove it around Long Beach Ca for years, then in 2004 we moved to Fresno Ca where we drove it around a few more years. Then my "great idea" hit me, I'd thought it would be a "great idea" to restore it, long story short it sat in my garage for many years almost completely tore apart, and me realizing I didn't have the knowledge, money or space to do a restoration. Then in 2011 we were moving to Kansas City Mo, we couldn't take the bronco because we had no way of transporting it in all it's pieces so I decided to sell it, that was a sad day when the buyers came and picked her up, the wife cried as they drove away with her. Again fast forward several years we were cleaning out our storage room and came across the spare set of keys for the Bronco. I was going to just throw them out but the wife said no and to keep them because she has a feeling the Bronco will be with us again, I didn't think much of it but said okay and forgot about it. Jump ahead several more years and I get a Facebook message from the guy who bought the Bronco, it was pictures of it back together. I told him it was nice to see it not in pieces and just joking around told him if he wants to sell it to give me a first chance. About a few months past and I get another Facebook message from the same guy asking me if I would be interested in buying the Bronco back, after a few phone calls with him and one five minute conversation with my wife a price was agreed on and a few months later she arrived at our house on a car carrier. Now shes back in our garage, she did sit for a couple years while I figured out when and how I was going to restore it. After watching good quality TV shows about real auto restoration (like Gearz and not like Fast & Loud type shows) and research about Broncos I gained some knowledge and with a better paying job a little more money, still a little tight on space (but that's not a big issue) and a lot of guidance from my father I feel that a restoration is now possible. It's going to take some years, money and a lot of hours to finish cause I'm doing it all myself, I'm on a very very limited Bronco budget but as long as I can go out in the garage and get something done I feel at least I'm making progress and it keeps my motivation up. The plan is to do a restomod, take it 90 percent back to factory stock but with just a few upgrades to better it's performance.
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