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Truthfully, I dont know if anything can be a wrangler-killer. The basic design of a Jeep from the factory has a narrowed front end, super high fenders, and excellent departure/ascent angles. Nothing out of the box can compete with its body design. Most people mod their offroad rigs to replicate the exact features a Jeep has stock. Not hard to understand why their so popular. If Ford tried to replicate the body design with the Bronco, they would be labeled as a Jeep look-a-like. But what Ford can compete on is performance. An Ecoboost would crush any engine in the Jeep's lineup, not to mention if Ford decides on a V8, that could certainly sway consumers. Ford's reliability IMO, is markedly better than Jeep. Ford also has to make it modular, meaning fully customizable. If it has half the options Jeep has, it'll do well. Part of that relies on the aftermarket support.

There is enough people doubting its return, thats for sure. I'm erring on the side of optimism obviously. In fact, I'm doubling down on it. My fingers are crossed.

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