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Originally Posted by deathmobile2 View Post
14 days to go after today!!!!

And I forgot to add to replace my power steering pump with a PSC unit I have had on my bench for quite some time.
Why are you swapping? I'm curious b/c I have a Sag pump and if i turn lock to lock quick I get a little hesitation. LiftedFords is running same setup but with a PSC pump and his is like butta'. Perhaps the Sag pump can't quite keep up with the volume required?

Originally Posted by reptillikus View Post
Im an hour south; usually its similar weather, just cooler. That said, its currently 66º, and its rained twice today. It was pretty humid last week, but the last few days its been pretty nice. Im hoping its nice so i can take the top off the bronco
Sounds lovely......

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