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Full Size FSB Invasion 2019

I really want to do Moab and the full size invasion seems like the right time to do it. I could go with the Early Broncos and I always enjoy my time with them on the East Coast, but I would like to run with full sizes out in Moab.

The 2019 Full Size Invasion takes place 13-21 April alongside the Easter Jeep Safari.

It is a 4000 mile round trip for me, so I will be looking to trailer at least part of the way. Besides the roar of MTRs, at 8-9 MPG, that is a lot of gas and wear & tear!

It would be great to get a group of 8-10 FSB's of different flavors out there - I think FSB's could be the next big thing if folks could see what a great platform they are.

Who would be interested?

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