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Thanks guys

Honestly was just winging it the whole time
Carboard templates, some careful measurements, and then fit & removed each fender liner about 100 times to trim until it fit properly I learned from the 1st time i did it, to cut everything a hair oversize and trim to fit. I actually did pretty good i thought, i only messed up one panel, and was able to recycle that one into smaller pieces used elsewhere, so basically no scrap

No way i couldve done it w/o that homebrew sheetmetal brake. Its not perfect, but it worked great for this job.

Dunno if you guys saw, but a couple weeks ago i picked up these bad boys:

Theyre used, but as you can see, they have damn near full tread.

They make 35s look like 235s

Absolutely massive tires, they even make my 42s look small!

Ive got a set of H1 wheels i recentered some time ago but never used; theyre at a buddies shop waiting to be powdercoated. So at some point down the road ill get them mounted up and swapped on, no real rush there. Very soon here ill be putting the bronco back on wheel dollys so i can start doing proper body work, rust repair, bondo/sanding, etc so theres no real need to get these mounted up for quite some time yet.

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