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Thanks for the kudos, this was a learning experience for me and Im sure glad to hear all the feedback!

@Alwaysdirty that is one nice rig and I hope to see you keep on keeping on!

@[email protected] WOW I was surprised the outcome and a little nervous for a bit, I mean a full size classic with that curb appeal.. Also good dyno run, those are good numbers I've been disappointed plenty on numbers but numbers don't mean anything if it satisfies your needs.

@jcarr Way to do it right and a great start to the story, hope to see updates here on FSB

@_CJ I didnt see much but from what I did it looks like you're enjoying the outdoors and using your BKO for a purpose so kudos your way!

Hope to see you Arizona guys around or out in the desert, I will be participating in our local club more frequently this season once the rear end is wrapped up.

Locked, Geared, SAS and ready to play
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