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Well well well..... this is one for the books!!

@cstrike , Not only do you have an awesome rig, I had the honor of actually wheeling it!!! It was me that nominated you back in January, and I thought you would have a great chance at winning the FOTM to bring you to FOTY! That is one cool truck that amazed me on the honeymoon run!!

@Ghosteh , dude...... Your story is a story that is truly UNBELIEVABLE. I'm in love with the story, the truck and what you've done to bring it back to where it is now. Really sounds like a fairy tale, but we know that you got what was once your truck!! You've got the pictures to prove!!! You deserved the win just as well, there's no doubt.

It was a very close race all the way to the end! You, @Ghosteh , worked hard, and the journey was well deserved for my vote!! Don't let the story end here!!!

But there can only be one FOTY!!!

Phil!! By the way, LOVED the Santa Hat videos!!! LOL!!

Bring on the 2019 banner!!!
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