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Couple extra pics i took earlier:

I masked off & sprayed the rocker where it always gets beat up from climbing in/out

...and i got my RedHead installed

Took it out for a test drive earlier. As youd expect, the RedHead box is awesome, steering is great now. The steering wheel is crooked tho, so ill have to adjust that tomorrow.

As for the interior.....its pretty nice! The combo of Heat & Noise Reducer/BedLiner works great; if its any louder than it was with the full interior installed, i cant really tell Really impressed with this stuff, especially the HNR. My 88 bronco had rhino-liner sprayed in the interior, and i remember thinking it was louder than with the full interior, but this really does seem to me to be damn near the same noise level as the full stock interior.

If the pics are weird, reload your browser, i added some pics in the middle and had to rename a couple files. It all correct, trust me

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