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Heard this rebuilder is good,
Ignition Engineering | Distributor Recurving and Rebuilding
"We're a distributor specialist.
At Ignition Engineering in Anaheim, California, we specialize in distributor rebuilding and curving, blueprinting and custom timing advance curves on aftermarket and OEM distributors including AC Delco distributors, Bosch, Mallory and other brands for your GM, Ford, Mopar cars, trucks, boats, race cars and more.
A recurved distributor - matched to your vehicle and driving requirements - can be modified to provide improved acceleration, power and fuel economy. Remember: The distributor is the 'brain' of your motor, and proper timing advance or retard will improve performance.
Our rebuilt distributors get a complete overhaul including new bronze bushings (Oilite® in most cases). Worn ignition parts are replaced, and the unit is reassembled and tested to specification."

See my partially recovered Bronco web site. Thanks to Mr. Schwim!
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