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Originally Posted by fodder View Post
My first thought was, "Damn, they've been recommending the same thing for that long? No wonder the guy didn't give it much thought." But after another 13 seconds of reflection, I came to the conclusion that that's a good thing. If it's good enough to be their top recommendation, what is there to improve upon 10 years later?

BTW, I have one on the way. Bit of an impulse buy the other day, being too good of a price to pass up on a new in box 35-512-8 from a private party. Do you happen to recall if there are any markings to look for, to ensure it's authentic and the right grind?
Lol I actually had a spare cam burn in that fire too. As far as markings, I can't be of any help. I was too young then to take the time to look for such things. Make sure it is in or with the box, and has the cam card with it. Otherwise, I'd pass.

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