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^ Damn, that fire added insult to injury, taking out spare parts, as well.

The one I bought has the correct box with the 35-512-8 info on the end, and I can see some paperwork in the box, but I didn't think to ask about a cam card specifically. If the cam itself isn't marked, I figure I'll be calling up Comp to ask how to verify that the right thing is in the box. I should have it sometime this week. I set aside the head porting project for awhile to fiddle with MAF conversions and York OBA installations, so I still need to finish that up before there's any urgency to playing with the cam.

'92 Bronco Build Thread - '95 MAF 5.0, H5 axle code, York OBA, 3G alt, custom jump seat console, flomaster steps/sliders.
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