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Oh snap

With the diesel and the green bronco 'done', its time to get back to this!

Fixed a hole in the rocker:

Thought i had a before pic. Just pretend it was rusty there

Moved inside. See the speckles on the roof?

its bedliner Apparently when i sprayed the underside, i didnt mask off the trans tunnel well enough, and i got overspray all over the roof and B-pillar. So i now have the majority of that removed from the paint.

I moved to the rear wheel wells. Since i cut them open, the inner wall was only partially there. I elected to remove the rest of it, since it holds dirt and therefore moisture

Both fenders done, no rust repair required, just need some more wire wheeling and some primer. They will get HNR/bed liner in the spring.

Moved back inside. i have two more spots to deal with and i think im done with rust repair:

Hopefully ill get out there tomorrow to start on those.

I still need to finish cutting the rear corners and thatll pretty much finish up the body work to the tub, but ill still need to sand/bondo everything.

I need to do something about my doors. They are in decent shape, except they both have one rust spot, right in the middle where the mirror bolts on

I am not confident in my ability to fix that, w/o it being super obvious. My bondo game is not strong! So im currently debating what to do. One door needs a new rivnut, and both need to be repaired there. Im gonna try to clean them up and see if i can fix the doors, as id rather not buy new ones. I already need a new tailgate as mine is rotted badly.

So, im rapidly approaching the part of this build where i need to start spending money! And i need to get the laundry room done so money will be split to both projects. So im guessing this will go slow for a bit.

So, i need input from those of you who have done this before.

Thiings to do:
  • fix rust
  • sand/bondo
  • paint!
  • bed-line interior
  • roll cage!
  • bumpers/sliders
  • electrical work

Electrical needs to be last because i need the interior in. I need to paint before i put the cage in, since its not staying white. And i cant bedline after the cage is in, unless im spraying over it, which i didnt want to do. So that means, i pretty much have to do it in the order above. my concern is with the amount of work left to do, if i should put off paint as long as possible. The only real variable is the bumpers/sliders, i suppose i could do those before i primer anything. This would mean finishing the rough body work, and jumping to the bumpers/sliders, then going back to body work. I guess it seems obvious when you type it out Thoughts??

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