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So yesterday morning Mrs. Mongo calls me at work, no hello, no how are you doing....


Silence on my side as I digest what she said. No he didn't weld at all last night. Which was true. However he made a video of me welding.

He went to School with bright red eyes, went to the nurse and said he couldn't see, my wife is having a breakdown over it mainly because she was worried her dad (my father in law) was going to give us shit over it, not because KJ might be blind, but because of her dad.

I reassured her that it comes with the territory, at some point if your near someone welding or welding yourself your going to get flashed. Flashed... what's that, she snapped back, I told her the strong UV rays from the welding have essentially sun burnt KJ's eyes, and you can rest assured it will never happen to him again. How do you know that she said. I retorted, cause after the first time you learn your lesson. He came home from school and rested his eyes all morning long, then cleaned the house in the afternoon, hes a good kid, a little hardheaded but what 14 yo isn't.

I had told him time and time again not to look at the weld while I was welding. He would usually hide in the corner while I was welding but not that night, he was right there videoing. He later said, Dad I didn't look at the weld how did I get flashed, I explained that even though he was shading the weld from his eyes with the phone there were indirect UV rays getting to his eyes. I am going to buy him a welding hood so this will not happen again!

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