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Rust cut out of rear driver corner, it was a bit worse than it looked!

New steel tacked in:

...and done! Good enough for the interior, its gonna get covered in bedliner anyway.

I also fixed the small hole on the passenger side.

From there i moved on to the rear corners.
This is a bumper i bought for a future project for the green bronco, i mocked it up on this one to see how it would fit and then never took it off. Considered using it on this one instead, but i have some ideas that would require modifying the bumper so ill probably just start from scratch. We'll see what happens when we get there.

I had started cutting the corners when i opened up the wheel wells, but never finished. Well, that time has come!

The typical cut everyone does

...both done, looks much better now!

So i think that unofficially finishes rust repair on the tub Im sure ill find more to fix when i start sanding & prepping for paint, but for now im moving on!

So i was talking to my brother, and i guess im going to try to fix my doors. Theyre both pretty clean, except for a patch right in the middle of each, where the mirrors attach. This is going to be a challenge for me, as all my repairs thus far have been in corners or at body lines which made them easy to hide. Its going to be tough for me to get these right, so you cant tell.

driver door:

passenger door:

Ill start on those next week. Once theyre done (or wrecked lol), im going to switch gears and start building bumpers!

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