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Wow! what a great way to wake up! This really has been an exhilarating competition!

Thank you so much everybody for all the support and votes. I really wasnít expecting this. To be honest, I almost gave up a couple of days ago, but something kept me going just like with my build. And I am glad I did.

Thank you @BigBlue 94 @MS88Bronc @Frank Lanzisera @allcruisen @White Dragon @Quader1 @1985 Bronco and everybody else for all your comments and support.

And thank you @96bronco and @thequietman for being such great competitors. You have great stories behind your trucks and I am honored to share mine alongside yours.

And finally, thank you @Ziggy for the numerous hours you spent helping me and the invaluable lessons learnt.


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Everything in the 70's was so much better!

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Jan'19 F.O.T.M.
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