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Originally Posted by d_rock View Post
@thequietman @96bronco @HCodi
Thank you guys for a great show! This was my first time tuning in, and I'm sure glad I did. It was great to see the passion that each of you has for your Bronco, and all the great restoration and upgrades that you have tackled to keep them serving your needs
Thank you so much @d_rock !

Originally Posted by White Dragon View Post
Congratulations to @HCodi on your FOTM Win.

This months competition turned out pretty dog gone good,,, Fine Rigs All.


Thank you @White Dragon !

Originally Posted by EMO42 View Post
It was a great job by both you guys, congrats Codi. You've both given me a lot more interest in my own Bronco.
I am happy to hear that @EMO42 Keep at it!

Originally Posted by Ghosteh View Post
It was a great job by all 3 involved! I'm a big fan of all 3 rigs, and the stories behind them were great! Honestly, it's much easier being on this side (observing) the competition than participating in it. Until you've done one, you really have no idea how much work it is to keep your writing momentum going for a month. Observers just get to sit back and eat popcorn, enjoying the show. So yeah... great job done by all and your efforts are appreciated as much as your Broncos are admired!

@HCodi - Congrats!!! You have an awesome truck & I love your enthusiasm and efforts! I told you in a PM that I'm still interested in adding a 2nd Bronco to my home, and I'd love to have a '78-9 like yours!

@96bronco - Great truck! I wanted an EB in those colors so bad back in the late 90s! Your history with it is awesome & I wish I had bought one back then & enjoyed it for so long as a daily, instead of flipping through a bunch of other vehicles. It probably would have been cheaper! BTW, as an Eagle myself (& son of an Eagle), a big thumbs up for your efforts with BSA! I wish my son had been interested in being a Scout, but he wasn't.

@thequietman - Thank you for your service! It was great to read the story of your Bronco & the work you've put into it! I haven't done half as much with mine! Honestly, I think you kinda got a raw deal with the competition this month, because you were paired up against two really incredible rides. There's no doubt that you could have won it if you'd have slipped into a "regular" month. Please, please try this thing again when you're eligible!
Thank you so much! @Ghosteh I am sure you will find the perfect second generation Bronco, and we will all be here waiting to hear about your restoration. You did an amazing job on your 96 Border Patrol Bronco!

Originally Posted by Frank Lanzisera View Post
Great work and thanks for the entertainment. HCodi’s story about his tribulations getting her home to Cali after he bought her hooked me from the start. You’ve got a great wife to have tolerated that initial drive home and to be onboard with the build. Nothing like a great woman.
Thank you @Frank Lanzisera It was totally insane and she really deserves a lot of praise for her patience and support. I really feel so bad that I put her through all the stress. And our relationship suffered because of it. That is the reason I would probably be very careful if I had to do this again. Things were really rough, but somehow I made it in huge part thanks to this forum, so thank you all once again!

Originally Posted by miesk5 View Post
Yo HCodi,

Yo thequietman & 96bronco your modifications and craftmanship is appreciated and will no doubt be implemented by other members. Such as:

Electronic fuel pressure gauge mounted in the 2006 Expedition console by thequietman

Hard to find 78 400M Federal VECI & Emission Vacuum Diagrams by HCodi.

Thank you @miesk5 . I would never have been able to do it without the help of this forum! And you have helped me many times, you are a fountain of knowledge!

Originally Posted by allcruisen View Post
Congrats @HCodi

Thank you @allcruisen !


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Everything in the 70's was so much better!

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