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Good Morning y'all,

First off, @HCodi … whatta story and truck. Way to hang tough.

@96bronco - I am probably gonna plagerize your front bumper. At least something close to it. I have an X9 winch that I gotta put somewhere.

Sorry I tailed off but with the outage moving up (which is killin me. I have never been around such failures of leadership in my life)..I just couldn't devote the time.
@Ghosteh - man thank you for the support and motivation. Like I said in my posts, we are never really done tinkering on our Bronco's. I have ordered a PRO-M 80mm MAF, a 200amp Alternator and I already mentioned the front bumper. I plan on having all this done when I leave for Moab.

Y'all have a good day. I gotta get to work.
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