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Nasty noise from engine

@end user

Donít run it like this youíll chew up your flex plate.

I had a similar issue on my 86. Randomly when starting the starter would stay engaged even with the key out if start with engine running or key fully off.

I tried about five different solenoids and a couple new starters and rebuilt my key switch, actuator, and replaced the ignition switch at the bottom of the column.

Replaced all battery cables and starter cables.

None of that fixed it.

Finally upgraded to a new model starter, the smaller high torque one, pmgr type.

Problem solved. Still not sure exactly why but thatís what fixed it.

PGMR has solenoid on the starter and runs the current differently.

If I had it to do again I would haves just started there (ha, ha) since itís a big upgrade anyway. Write up on the site on how.

Good luck.

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