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My one big problem with doing a RSK from any site is crumble zone. Now from what I've heard on FSB is that the crumble zone is the same width as a fully flat boxed frame on the F350. If I got the PMF RSK I could bolt it in whether its on the boxed frame in front of the bumper mounts or on the crumple zone. I could go through and reinforce the crumble zone by boxing around it or incorporating the PMF side plate mounts into a sleeve that boxes the crumble zone. Hard to plan this out without a RSK in front of me to see how the frame needs to be boxed. Does anyone have ideas how to get around this issue to keep major frame modifications minimal. I'd rather add/weld metal than cut and replace, but if i can't then I'll cut the side off of the crumble zone and weld on new sides.

Here's a link to the kit that I'd like to purchase, they do have a bit of a wait time so I'll be ordering as soon as I can get an idea on how I should deal with the crumble zone. I'm planning on calling PMF tomorrow to see in how they recommend dealing with a none boxed frame. Seeing that they do reference it on their add.
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