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Bronco Info: 1994 w/ 351 EFI 5.8L, K&N, 31" KO2 on 15" Outlaw II's
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Here's a pic of the front end showing off my broncos front bumper. I built this over several years working on it whenever I had a chance.
20181209_111315_zpsdrwfji9b.jpg Photo by njschieb | Photobucket

Here's the rear bumper
20171111_130639_zpsdgcmvdl1.jpg Photo by njschieb | Photobucket

20170524_181209_zps1cdjbln8.jpg Photo by njschieb | Photobucket

20170523_093622_zpsge3x68ty.jpg Photo by njschieb | Photobucket

Snap chat photo of the F350 (sorry that it's from snapchat)
Snapchat-1273622869_zpsg8zwjdmv.jpg Photo by njschieb | Photobucket

1994 Bronco XLT 5.8L. Egine: MSD Ignition, Ford Racing plugs, Bassani Exhaust and offroad Y pipe, shorty headers. Interior: LED Interior, Expedtion console swap, explorer OHC swap
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